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Thursday, March 26, 2015 Beauty Q & A

Yesterday I strolled into my local MAC store to revamp my kit, and I realized… If you’re a beginner makeup fanatic, artist or just a makeup consumer, this store is so overwhelming! As you know, MAC is the most sought after makeup brand as it has such a great variety of foundations, blushes, lipsticks – everything! Not only do the colors vary, but the coverage, colors and textures. I overheard a girl asking the artist to match her to a foundation, and she ended up being two different colors in two different foundations. My goodness, that’s confusing, right?
I decided to share this blog post to talk about the different shades available in different foundations. Personally, I range anywhere between NC25 to NC40… Yes, you saw that right. NC40! So what does this whole NC, NW thing mean?
-          NC is MAC’s form of cool tones. If you have pink or rosy undertones with blue-tinted veins, you have a cool skin tone.
-          NW is MAC’s form of warm tones. If you have golden or apricot undertones with green-tinted veins, you have a warm skin tone.
-          However – For those of you who are familiar with their products, then you know that MAC has this a little backwards. NC is actually warm, and NW is cool.
Now that you have this down, the next thing to focus on would be what is the best coverage for you? MAC offers so many different foundations in various textures, and coverage. Let’s break it down for you:
-          Oily Skin: In my experience, the best foundation for someone who oily skin is Studio Fix Fluid. It provides a full-coverage that dries matte with a little bit of shine to appear like natural skin. I love it! However, you always, ALWAYS, have to set your foundation with a powder to ensure that you’re locking the foundation into your skin, and preventing any oiliness that may occur. Of course, our bodies will soak that iish right up, so keeping some blotters in your purse might be a good idea.
-          Dry Skin: Personally, I love their Mineralize foundation. It has a decent amount of coverage, perfect for those lighter days, with enough moisture to keep your skin looking dewy and fresh. I love that it has a mineralized appearance which looks like you’ve buffed your face for an hour!

-          Combination: 

Monday, October 7, 2013 currently coveting: Fall Must-haves

Happy Monday, everyone! I thought I would share some of my fall must-haves that I have been currently coveting.